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What seems fancy to me


4th Overseas Division, 'The Argent Legion' by koach2
4th Overseas Division, 'The Argent Legion'
The 4th Equestrian Overseas division, hailing from the southern province of Argent Lake, is one of the provisional border defence forces in the southern frontier. Based on the Pferdish and Griffonian armies, the Argent Legion trains their ponies in 'Lightning' warfare, relying on a hard hitting, fast moving Earth pony brigades, coupled with close Pegasi air support and heavy use of Unicorn magic.

However, due to a complete lack of local factories, the Argent regiments are forced to import most of their ordinance and equipment from Pferdreich and Canterlot.


Pferdish pattern bolt action rifle, adapted for harsh weather combat.
Pferdish made 'Seitengewehr' bayonet.
Pferdish made Steel helmet.
Standard Royal Guard entrenching tool. Imported from Canterlot.
Standard issue 'Diamond Dog Grey' field tunic, locally made.
Standard issue 'Diamond Dog Grey' field trousers, locally made.
Standard issue 'Tornister' knapsack, locally made.
Brown leather rear jackboots, magically enchanted to allow for bipedal movement. Imported from Canterlot.
Brown leather webbing and six ammo pouches, allowing for a total of 60 rounds of concentrated magic ammo per soldier.


Based on the Argentinian Army during Peron's administration. 

I noticed, albeit a bit too late, that the light blue piping on the uniform was not meant for Infantry, but rather, for office archivists. Eh, I guess we can overlook that little detail. Looks better as is.

1st Edit: Replaced the German Stahlhelm for a Swiss m18, which was used way more often than the German helmet.
2nd Edit: Modified the uniform, basing it on the Regimiento Motorizado Buenos Aires, rather than a generic.
3rd Edit: Added entrenching tool to the webbing and replaced the ammo pouches with a more suitable Argentinian model.
4th Edit: Cleaned it up a bit, fixed an error in the shoulder boards, modified neck slightly and removed a few misplaced shadows.


I'm really surprised at how much attention this got. 
First of, good day to all of you. Tis been a long while since I posted anything here, so I wanted to kinda give you all an idea of what I've  been up to, and what's gonna come in the future.

To be honest, things have been quite... awkward in the last months, specially since I got into college three months ago. But, of course, things started to get weird way before that. In my last entry -september 2012-, I mentioned a charity trip... well, it didn't go as planned. Let's just say I had to do something disgusting. Dear lord...

That aside, I've been getting more and more into modding lately, specially in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars. I've left the BG2 dev team and started working freelance for various mods, such as La Belle Alliance and the War of 1812. That, and I've got myself my own little modding corner in the Flying Squirrel Entertainment forums, called "Mr. Kochi's Skin Warehouse" (…). I've uploaded quite a few British reskins in there, featuring some of the famous, or 'darkest' regiments in the British Peninsular Army, such as the 28th Gloucestershire, the 41st Regiment of Foot and the 82nd "Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers".



In other news, I'm now taking bagpipe lessons. Not Scottish, but Asturian bagpipes, one of the many kinds of Spanish-Celt bagpipes out there. Blasted thing only has 12 notes, and although it looks easy, it's a pain to play. But I adore it! Pity it's too damned noisy to practice at home (had to get a custom made flute to practice), and too bloody expensive to buy my own (800 euros, plus shipping it from Spain).

And, even if I wanted to buy the bagpipe, even if I had the money to do so, I have other priorities for money spending. I -finally- managed to find and sign up in a Napoleonic reenactment group, and since March 16th, I've been marching around in a fancy Spanish uniform, holding a Brown Bess and getting lots of cramps in my arms. Blasted musket is heavy.

Well, that wraps up all I've been doing so far. Right now I'm trying to port NW's models and textures into Garry's Mod, so expect more screenshot stuff quite soon.
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koach2's Profile Picture
Hello there.

I'm James Koach, a Napoleonic Wars reenactor, game modder and university student. In here ye'll find what little I make of art, be it the occasional drawing or Gmod screenshot. It normally isn't a big deal, as I'm more of a developer than an artist, but eh... Why not publishing?

The website attached belongs to The Battle Grounds II mod for Half Life 2. I'm kinda part of the dev team, and there's some of my stuff in the game. Go play it. Best Revolutionary War game I've seen.

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